A Review of the Popular Vaporizers and Tanks From Smoktech

SMOK (pronounced smok-tay) is the leading brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Ltd (called IVPS for brief). Since 2021, they’ve been expanding into the realm of electronic cigarettes and vapor products, including a full line of electronic cigarettes and a massive e-book library of resources for home vapers. While many papers have become familiar with their well loved TFV4 mini sub ohm tank, for several months now they’ve been expanding their horizons even further by introducing a new product they call the Vaporesso. We’ll take a brief look at what this new product is all about and why it may be just what the market needs.


The Vaporesso makes use of two unique, but complementary technologies to create a uniquely innovative product. The first, of course, is its distinctive two-handle design that allows it to be held in one hand while still permitting the vapor to be inhaled through the second. Most vaporizers on the market today, as you might expect, only allow one hand to be used to work the device, meaning that those with larger hands and larger vapor clouds will experience limited vapor production or difficulty in reaching a high temperature to produce a consistent, flavorful hit.

The second innovation of smoktech that sets them apart from their competition is the inclusion of pre-installed Smoktech dual-coil atomizers. These coils are much smaller than standard vapes and provide an extremely effective method of increasing vapor production. The two coils that these carts utilize are constructed of surgical grade stainless steel, ensuring that they will be completely resistant to tarnishing and corrosion over time. This is also a huge advantage because most coils in traditional vapes tend to be made from lower grade stainless steel that easily deteriorates and rots.

By utilizing their two-handled vaporizer, papers like the ability to enjoy their nicotine hits from both hands. They find it far more convenient and comfortable to use than traditional methods of vaporizing. The convenience and comfort of using dual-coil atomizers are also the byproduct of the patented and patent pending design of the Smoktech heating system. The heating system allows for complete temperature control, even when only one person is using the device.

One of the greatest features of the smoktech vaporizers is that they are modifiable, allowing for different settings to be adjusted for individual preferences. Vapers find this feature incredibly helpful, especially those who tend to change up their styles of liquids and flavors on a regular basis. Not only can the Vaporesso Beyblade line be used with individual modding devices but there are even replacement coils available for sale for some models, ensuring that no individual model will be lacking in functions. The Beyblade Battle Arena is just one example of the variety of possible mods available.

Although there are a wide variety of vaporizers available through smoktech, there are certain types of mods that have gained popularity over time. The original and most popular being the Grindermod, a mod that resembles a blender, and which grinds down herbs and leaves in the form of a smoke cloud. Other highly popular mods include the Gorilla Glass Mod, which are essentially a glass tube mod, and the Gorilla Glass Hydrogen Mod, which have the added benefits of not melting off.

With the success of the original and newer line of vapes by smoktech, there have been immeasurable advancements in other parts of the entire vaporizing industry. For example, the entire industry has now seen a complete overhaul of how devices work, resulting in some incredible results. The original Smoktech Launch Box modulates the temperature of the air that is drawn into the tank. The newest addition to this family of products allows users to set the level of control they desire. This is largely beneficial because the ability to regulate the temperature makes it easier for people to control how much of the herb or essential oil is vaporized without worrying about damaging their machines.

Other mods, such as the Gorilla Glass Hydrogen Mod and the Gorilla Glass Mod, offer a variety of benefits. For example, the Gorilla Glass Hydrogen Mod features LED lights that indicate when the tank is full and when it is time to refill. In addition, the Gorilla Glass Mod has a built-in battery that can be recharged using the included charger. One of the most unique features of the original products was the inclusion of interchangeable bowls; this allows users to upgrade the equipment based on their personal preferences. While some people might prefer the classic style of bowls, there is also a variety of glass bowls that can be added to the lineup of smoktech tanks.

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