A Vaporizer Review – Smokit 2.0 Vs ErockIT

It’s easy to tell a Vaporwave review from a Breazy vaporizer review because the company is so confident they’re putting it all out there for you to see. They even have a Procoat design that they say is more resistant to heat than other Breazy vaporizers. So, what is this super tough Breazy vaporizer and do I need one?

This is one of the big questions everyone wants answered when it comes to Breazy vaporizers. You know, the ones that constantly leak and make your clothes smell like an ashtray. The starter kits and tanks for Breazy vaporizers come with two tanks. One for the tank, one for your elixir. One thing you can count on with these is that if you want to use your elixir, you can put it in the tank and use the whip to draw it out of the tank.

The biggest problem we have had with Breazy juice is that when it’s empty, they’re very difficult to empty. If you don’t watch the bottle necks closely, they’ll get blown out of your grasp. That’s not great for a paper who’s trying to get their new product into you faster than you can smoke it in there! For this reason, we’ve recommended a couple Breazy starter kits that are available through our site below.

If you have found two or three vaporizers that meet our standards (not the Breazy vaporizer we suggested) but you want to save a few bucks, you should consider going with a combo kit instead of buying each individual product. Some of the vaporizers we suggest for combo packages include the ErockIT, the iTop, and the Smokit. The price difference between these vaporizers isn’t too significant, but you will save money over time because the vaporizers all work together to produce the perfect cup of vapor every single time.

One important thing we’ve noticed with the new products from Vape Labs is that there is no longer any compatibility issues with the original ErockIT. Since Vape Labs made quite a few changes to the way this product works, it’s probably a good idea to update your information on the official website. There is a link at the bottom of the page that will take you to an updated compatibility chart. You can also find information on the Smokit and the ErockIT on the official site. Once again, the information on the Smokit is quite impressive.

For those of you keeping up with the latest e-zine postings, you may have seen the newest addition to the Vape lineup-the Smokit 2.0. This vaporizer sits at the higher end of the vaporizer market, but it packs a lot of power into a very small package. The biggest benefit to using the Smokit 2.0 compared to the other vaporizers is the ability to change the temperature you’re getting from it. In fact, the Smokit 2.0 has two temperature selections: a three degree setting and a five-degree setting.

The biggest problem we seem to have with the new ErockIT is that there just isn’t enough flavor! It seems like every time we turn it on, our mouths begin to water and we begin to crave that oh so delicious e-juice we keep trying to make with it. Maybe it’s because the other flavors in the Smokit line just aren’t as appealing? Either way, it’s just not the same as trying to find your favorite e-juice flavor when you can only get the e-juice flavors with the Smokit.

Between the two flavors, I would say the best flavor is the original Smokit, but if you are looking for a milkshake flavor, the ErockIT is a close second. As far as nicotine strength goes, it’s hard to go over the regulation in the USA. Nicotine strength is limited to one milligram and all cigarette flavors are comprised of tobacco. The other flavor that might be a good choice to try would be the Vanilla Sky flavor, which is also produced by the ErockIT along with the new Smokit 2.0.

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