AEGIS Boost Overview

If you want to experience the best vaping experience, the AEGIS Boost is the perfect solution for you. This vaporizer is an advanced digital single-piece vaporizer that will not only satisfy your desire for a flavorful vapor but will also provide you with many hours of pleasure. The AEGIS Boost is the perfect vaporizer for those that are looking for a vaporizer that has a lot of power and yet is very simple to use. There are many positive aspects to this electronic vaporizer that make it a great choice for all vapers.

aegis boost

One of the most unique features about the AEGIS Boost is the fact that it can be used with a variety of electronic devices. The Aegis Boost Pro is very compact and has an incredibly comfortable and elegant feel in conjunction with a durable stainless steel body and a fully-adjustable airflow control. The body is also extremely stylish and sleek, and comes with a number of different colors to choose from. Another great feature of this vaporizer is that it uses a patented variable airflow system that will allow you to change the amount of vapor produced based on how intense your current draw is. The aegis boost pro even includes a rechargeable battery that allows you to continue enjoying the vaporizing experience no matter how much vapor you produce.

The AEGIS boost pro is powered by a single-handedly triple-A battery, which provides you with up to sixty hours of vapor production and extreme vapor intensity. This mod is a great addition to any mod pack for its ability to be used with a wide variety of electronic devices. When you purchase this mod, you receive a triple-A battery, a digital clock, and a stainless steel case that make this mod extremely sturdy. This unit also utilizes a variable wattage setting that lets you determine how much power is needed to vaporize your material without increasing the temperature of the air around your unit. The benefit of using a variable wattage setting is that it will not affect the temperature of the water in your bowl, but instead will increase the temperature slightly so that the water stays hot.

This AEGIS boost product utilizes a unique method for filling its bowls that most aegis products do not. It uses a patented RSDTA, or reusable digger and a preloaded wick. The reason why RSDTA’s are preferred over other types of fill port systems is that they allow you to have a greater amount of flexibility in regards to feeding material into your system. If you want to fill your AEGIS boost with three different kinds of material, such as silicon gels, quartz, and baking soda, you can. There are no coils necessary since the wick feeds material directly into the coils.

The vaporizer in the AEGIS boost is a one piece unit. This is a very impressive feat in vaporizer design, because it means that there is no need to sacrifice vapor production in favor of more room or more cooling. Instead, all that is needed is one piece of equipment to heat up the bowl, making it possible to produce a flavorful and aromatic vapor for your favorite vapes. One of the best parts of this kit is that it incorporates a built-in recharge system that allows you to charge your AEGis Boost in just a few minutes.

Another great thing about the AEGIS boost model is that it is compatible with a wide variety of tanks. While it is a little expensive, it is compatible with most of the popular buildables, including the Mod, Evolis, Pax, and Velocity. The only tank that this unit is not compatible with is the ECS tank, which is made by the popular company Vapors. However, all of the tanks mentioned work well with this unit, so it is certainly worth looking into if you are considering buying a vaporizer.

One thing that you should know about the AEGIS Boost is that it features a unique and innovative double box mod. Essentially, a dual box mod is a mod that has two different coiled batteries inside of the single main battery. This allows you to use a larger capacity battery while keeping the voltage at the same level as your main AEG. The way that dual box mod works is by allowing you to maximize the amount of wattage and the temperature of the AEG through its dual coiled batteries.

When you look at the actual unit, you will note that the main body is constructed in a very small and neat manner, almost as if the coils were clamped together. This helps to make the AEGis Boost much more compact, while also helping it to have a very solid and stable base. You should also note that the outer body of the unit is made out of a very nice textured rubber material. This is used specifically to help protect your electronic device from any liquid and to help keep the coils clean. In addition, the AEGis Boost comes with a removable battery hood that protects the coils from getting overly warm.

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