Can non-smokers smoke vape?

Although I am interested in electronic cigarettes (VAPE) and say: “I never smoke, but I want to smoke once”, many people still say: “I am worried that it will not affect my health.” Here, we will Introduce the reasons why electronic cigarettes (VAPE) attract the attention of non-smokers and their health effects, and explain whether non-smokers can smoke.

The difference between “vape” and “heated cigarette” that non-smokers want to keep

Some people who do not normally smoke may understand the difference between cigarettes and electronic cigarettes (VAPE), but not the difference between heated cigarettes and electronic cigarettes (VAPE). First, let’s check the differences between them.

Cigarettes that are often sold on vending machines are called “paper-wrapped cigarettes.” This kind of cigarettes like burning tobacco leaves, and there are images showing that they are used as a substitute for this kind of paper-wrapped cigarettes. “Tobacco (VAPE)” and “heated tobacco”. These are usually combined together as a substitute for tobacco, such as “tobacco when quitting smoking”, but in fact there are obvious differences. The biggest difference is whether you use tobacco leaves. The heated tobacco has a smoke flavor produced by heating the tobacco leaf with electricity instead of fire. Therefore, compared with cigarettes, the production of tar can be reduced, but due to the use of tobacco leaves, nicotine and tar will affect it. Although the surrounding environment can be considered by reducing the amount of smoke, it is still a “tobacco product” like a cigarette. Heated tobacco is a “flavor reduction” tobacco that inhibits the effects of nicotine and tar.

On the other hand, electronic cigarettes (VAPE) do not use tobacco leaves. Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) use electricity to heat a liquid called a liquid to make it vapor and enjoy its smell. Since it has zero nicotine content and zero tar content, it has little impact on health. It can be said to be a response to the increasing health awareness in recent years. Liquids containing nicotine can also be sold overseas, but since Japan does not allow them to be used, all liquids sold in Japan are nicotine zero and tar zero. Unless you import it yourself, you will not accidentally buy liquids containing nicotine or tar. If an electronic cigarette (VAPE) is used instead of cigarettes, it is a “no-smoking” cigarette because it has zero nicotine content.

Why electronic cigarettes (VAPE) attract the attention of non-smokers

Recently, more and more non-smokers are using electronic cigarettes (VAPE). First of all, electronic cigarettes (VAPE) do not contain nicotine and tar. They are a unique source of tobacco smell, so you don’t have to worry about unpleasant smells and clothes smells. In addition, non-smokers have also noticed the fact that this liquid is healthier than cigarettes because it only uses the safest ingredients that are also used in food.

In addition, the candies and chewing gum eaten when lonely have calories, so some people are concerned about this and start to use electronic cigarettes (VAPE) instead of snacks. Electronic cigarette (VAPE) is an item with the flavor of water vapor, so it can also be used as a substitute for candy and chewing gum. In addition, many flavors that can be enjoyed by electronic cigarettes (VAPE) have a sweet taste like fruit. Fruit-based and sweet-based flavors may be popular with non-smokers. In fruit flavors, we also have a series of fruit flavored products, which can also be found in candies and chewing gum, such as chopped cherries and green apples. There are many varieties of products, from low-sweet to hard and sweet. If only sweetness is not enough, we recommend mixing it with mint and other flavors for refreshing. On the other hand, the sweetness includes Harp Pie, Maple Syrup and Butter Scotch Whisky, and you can enjoy the unique taste. If you want a bitter taste, you can also choose beverage flavors such as coffee and latte.

Many vape bodies have high design styles, so some people use them as fashion, and overseas celebrities also use them as fashion themes. In addition, because it is not a “tobacco product” under Japan’s “Tobacco Commerce Law”, it is named “Electronic Tobacco (VAPE)”, but in fact it is not a cigarette, which is another reason why non-smokers can easily get started. let’s do it.

It can also be used in social places with many smokers!
You may have seen smokers enjoy casual conversations in the smoking area after a break, such as at work or at a reception with colleagues or friends. In fact, smoking areas are usually unique social places, sometimes forming communities of smokers. If you use electronic cigarettes (VAPE) in a smoking space, even those who do not want to smoke can join the smoker circle. Even if you don’t go to the smoking area, smokers can get excited by using unfamiliar items.

One of the attractions of non-smokers is that they can enjoy a new experience similar to smoking. Although electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are water vapor, they feel like cigarettes and you will be familiar with why smokers like to smoke. In this way, electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are attractive items. They act as a bridge between non-smokers and smokers and become a catalyst for communication.

What are the effects of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) on the body?

For non-smokers, perhaps the biggest concern is, “Will electronic cigarettes (VAPE) have the same health effects as cigarettes and heated cigarettes?” As mentioned above, tobacco leaves contain high levels of nicotine and tar. First of all, nicotine is very addictive. Once you become addicted to nicotine, it becomes very difficult to quit smoking. In addition, it has the effect of constricting blood vessels and is also considered a risk factor for myocardial infarction and stroke. Tar is also a carcinogen and has been proven to be a risk factor for cancer. Tar is a viscous plant resin that is said to adhere to and accumulate in the lungs and throat after inhalation, causing cancer. In addition, it is estimated that tobacco contains more than 250 harmful substances, and the Research Information Center of the National Institute of Health Sciences has also issued a warning.

On the other hand, electronic cigarettes that do not use tobacco leaves (VAPE) have zero nicotine content and zero tar content. Therefore, these substances have no health effects. Since it is an item that enjoys the water vapor generated by heating the liquid, it can be said that it has a smaller impact on health than cigarettes and heated cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) contain no nicotine and zero tar. It is a product that takes into account the increasing health awareness. It has a variety of flavors, so non-smokers will be easy to use. Why not start by searching for your favorite taste?

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