Cleaning Your VW Coil

There are two types of Vape Coils available on the market. They are called Ceramic and Quartz. Ceramic coils are made to heat up your Juice and produce vapor for your vaporizer. Quartz coils are very easy in design – typically just consisting of a single coil which is wrapped in a non-stick, wicking material. These are typically made with glass or plastic to prevent too much heat building up inside and causing your coils to overheat.

When you are first getting started in chain vaping, it is recommended that you start out with ceramic coils. Why? Because they are the easiest to work with. You just fill the tank with juice, make a pull of the cord, and then release the air pressure inside the tank. You should have your device heating up for a minute or so, and the coils will heat up and get ready to produce vapor.

Once your old coil gets warm, you can either change to a new coil, or just unscrew the threading from your old coil. There is usually a tab that has everything together on the unit. Simply take your new Coil, and turn the tab counterclockwise to loosen the screw that holds the chain together.

If your Vape coil is burning an oily substance, then there might be a few different things that need to be checked out. First, check if your juice is at the proper consistency for your type of Vaping. Some juice will not heat as fast as others and may need to be adjusted a bit. You could also just be running out of juice. If this happens, then the first thing that you should do is check the voltage, as batteries die slowly.

Most times, these types of problems can be fixed by just switching juices and devices. This is the best way to keep your personal Cloud Chasing experience fun and consistent. Just remember to always clean and test your mod regularly.

If you are changing your VW coil, then the first thing that you should do is remove the tank that your mod has been set up in. Now, unscrew the tank and discard it. Next, you should remove the grommet on the top of your tank. Once you have done all of these things, you will be able to place your new coil into the tank.

Before proceeding with the cleaning process, it is important to make sure that the device is turned off. Many people underestimate the amount of heat that they can actually produce when they are in their own personal Cloud Chasing private quarters. Therefore, you may need to invest in a pair of safety glasses or a mask. Once your mod is turned off, it is time to move on to the actual cleaning process. Although you may need to purchase some additional items for this process, such as cleaning supplies, you will find that the general cleaning products that you purchase at any local grocery store can handle this task.

When cleaning the coils, it is important to remember that you should never put your e-juice in anything but a clean and dry container. Always use an airtight container in order to avoid any issues or damage to your coils. You should also remember that you should never force your juices into your atomizer. This may cause damage to the outer shell and will ultimately shorten the lifespan of your Vape Coil. If you ever feel that you are struggling with the steps or methods in this guide, it is highly recommended that you purchase the e-book that was created by Cloud Mining in order to help you fully understand the entire process.

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