Dead Rabbit V2 – 2 Features You Can Use With This Vaporizer

There are so many different things that people may want to try with their Vaping Rods. As I am no longer using them, I will not speak to those that use them. In this review I am only going to speak to this specific product. The Hellvapedead Dead Rabbit V2 RDA is an upgrade to the first version that features better airflow control and increased airflow inlets. The air flow is much better angled down towards your deck so that the inlet slots are set higher up for better air flow control.

dead rabbit v2

This is great because the previous model with the small honeycomb array was notoriously leak prone. It was always a pain trying to get that thing to breathe right. With the new dead rabbit v2 though, airflow options are improved. The air is more even across the entire unit and there are new wide open slots that are made just for the purpose of improving airflow and helping to seal out air leaks.

The way the air goes through the units is through two small holes on the side that touches the front of the unit. One large hole that runs from the side all the way to the back. These air passages are large enough that you can see the whole width of the Honeycomb airflow system. These are the main differences between the two models. The second option in this product is the larger honeycomb airflow holes that cover the entire top of the device. These allow for easier air circulation.

While both systems utilize the same air passages, it seems like the newer version does an improvement. The newest version comes with a bigger and taller deck design. This allows for larger airwaves to flow through the holes at the top and bottom of the dead rabbit v2. The deck design also keeps the air flowing underneath the coils for a smoother and cooler vapor stream.

The second feature that is unique with the new dead rabbit v2 is the option to change your deck design. You can choose to have a plain or decorative deck. The decorative option really gives the product an overall and different look that is very nice to look at. Some people have said that while the flavor is still excellent, the flavor that comes through is much better than the original version.

The build quality of the product has been compared to that of some of the more expensive vaporizers on the market. It seems like it’s built well and should last for years to come. The fact that it is made out of quartz and stainless steel lends it a very good build quality. Some of the other features that are unique to the dead rabbit v2 include an LCD screen that shows the temperature and time of your session. The screen is easy to read and is easy to turn off. Another cool feature is the included travel kit that allows you to use this vaporizer in most any location you want to use it.

One thing that many people would like to have in their vaporizer is the ability to use them with a new barrel lock feature. The dead rabbit v2 comes with two new barrel locks that are built in. The first lock has an open top airflow inlet. This airflow allows for more flavorful vapors to come out of your system. The second lock has an airflow inlet that has a close lid.

The new barrel locks work well with the new dead rabbit v2 but there are two other unique features that you can use. First you can now use the double port airflow system. With this system you can choose to have both vents open or just one. I personally prefer the single vent option because it results in a much smoother Vapor experience. If you are worried about the possibility of a “gate” effect then you should always use the single airflow system. The reason I recommend this is because when you open one of the vents the steam from the inside of the unit is sent through the port and travels into the system and the outer cover.

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