Mechanical Mods – Explanation and Safety Tips

mechmodsAnyone who has ever been on YouTube or other platforms and has been on the lookout for vapers who are particularly good at it will have asked themselves the question, willy-nilly: Where did he get this mod from? After all, many veterans of vaping use their own devices, which often look complicated and intricately constructed.

But that’s far from it. Today we are talking about so-called “mechanical mods”, or simply “mech mods”, which look as if they were created by a mechanical engineer, but are basically the simplest type of all mods.

Structure of a “Mech Mod”

Mech Mods are intended for those people who want to assemble their own mod and mainly save money with it. As complicated as it sounds, the solution is that simple. Because battery mods only consist of a housing, a battery and an atomizer, which you then put on the whole device.

Housing: The housing is usually made of metal or wood and is nothing more than a shell for our battery. Mostly in the form of tubes or boxes, the housing also has a switch that we will use later to enable the flow of current from the battery to the atomizer.

Battery / Accumulator: Depending on the size of the housing, the more or fewer batteries can be built into a Mech Mod. Most of the time, however, 1 to 2 batteries are enough, but we have also seen very different extreme cases.

Atomizer: Another big advantage of the Mech Mods is that they are compatible with almost all common atomizers, regardless of how high the resistance of a particular coil is, for example. This allows you a big plus in flexibility.

Who should access mech mods?

The large portion of individuality naturally requires a certain amount of vaping experience. Another prerequisite is that you have to spend a lot more time on these devices because you will be tinkering with them yourself. However, if you are into extreme smoke and overwhelming power, you will not be able to avoid Mech Mods!

Mech mods and security

As already described, Mech Mods basically consist of nothing more than a case and a battery. Therefore, there is not much that can break and the security risk is generally very low. As a general rule? That’s right.

Safety tips: Mech Mods are not regulated, so flaws and errors that cannot be foreseen can occur again and again. Here are the crucial tips to protect yourself from such mistakes:

Batteries: Make sure that you use standard batteries and not exotic products. The most common for Mech Mods include ICR (LiCo02) and IMR (LiMn) batteries, which basically fit any device that requires a 3.7 volt source. In addition, the batteries should be well charged, overcharged and empty batteries can be dangerous for your session.

Beware of short circuits: This cannot happen with regulated mods due to their composition. However, mech mods will allow current to flow even if they encounter 0 ohm resistance. So make sure that you hit coils with a minimum resistance of 1.5 ohms, or even better 2.4 – 3 ohms.

Avoid misfiring: Mech Mods run the risk of misfiring, especially in your pocket. It is small, but it is given. Some devices therefore come with a “lock function” which can be quite useful. If your device does not have this, you should always play it safe by removing the atomizer from the mod. This avoids the risk of a misfire.

Sufficient airflow: When assembling your Mech Mod, you should always make sure that there are enough ventilation holes. Otherwise there will be overpressure within your mod, which can lead to very dangerous situations.


Mech Mods are not only a serious alternative for many vapers in terms of price. You may say goodbye to any technical refinements here, but the vaping experience becomes a highlight and your wallet will thank you for it too. However, we want to emphasize that Mech Mods are particularly recommended for advanced vapers and should be avoided by beginners at the beginning!

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