Popular Brands of Electronic Cigarettes

It is easy to become confused when it comes to choosing an electronic cigarette. There are many brands and models out there and it can be difficult to decide which one to choose. You will also find that each type has its own unique design, although they all use essentially the same method to heat up your e-juice. But which one should you get? How do you know if it is right for you? Keep reading to find out more.

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Vaping Devices: Not Just One Size Fits All: Due to the range of different kinds of electronic cigarettes, vapers have a very wide choice to choose from. The two most popular kinds of electronic cigarettes are Juice Systems and Pod Driven Pods. Juice systems consist of two parts, the base and the deck, which fit into one another and are then screwed together to create the reservoir, this means your liquids are stored separate from the e-juice. Most Juice systems will allow you to remove the liquid to enjoy your vapor for a while, but some require you to replace the refill cartridge by refilling it again.


Pod Driven Pods: These kinds of vaporizers use the electric charge of your computer plugged into a power source to create your vapor. The advantage to these kinds of vapes over juice systems is that they don’t require constant attention or maintenance. Some may say that because it doesn’t require you to replace your cartridges like a dues system, it is better for the environment, but on the other hand, it is important to realize that the emissions produced by these electronic smoking devices do make a difference to the air quality.


Atomizer Vs. iTube: The similarities between an atomizer and a vaporizer stop there, in fact an atomizer is much more powerful than an electronic cigarette. This type of vaporizer only produces a concentrated, slow burning solution. The reason that it is less potent than a vaporizer is because it is only using a small amount of nicotine, and since it does not produce any kind of smoke it is considered safer. On the contrary, a vaporizer is designed to give off a cloud of vapor that slowly becomes denser as you breathe in through your lungs. When compared to an atomizer, a vaporizer has the ability to produce twice as much, it can produce up to 10 times as much!


Vapor Disposable E-Cigs: This is where the big difference starts! This is probably the most commonly known type of electronic cigarette. Not only are there many different types of disposable e-cigarette products available to Vapers today, but they come in many different shapes and sizes. The biggest difference between a disposable e-cigarette and a standard one is that a disposable e Cigarette has no heating element to keep the liquid within the device and releases it gradually.


Juul: Juuls are very similar to disposable e Cigarettes but instead of releasing a concentrated liquid into the air, they release a hard, gummy like substance. A juul looks like a hard candy bar; it has a hard exterior shell that looks almost like a brick. There are many different brands of fuel available and each brand has a different look, which is determined by how it looks like.


Pod: A pod-based device is a very easy to use, sleek, and portable. It is very similar to a cartridge but instead of having to fill it with liquid, you simply put it into your favorite pocket and it instantly heats up. Most people prefer pod based devices because of the convenience and ease of use it provides. Two of the most popular brands of pod devices are Villaware and blu.


Cigalikes: These are the smaller and sleeker version of the Juul. They look much like the original gumball style of cigarette and can be found in many different colors. The great thing about these little beauties is that they provide just as much nicotine as a traditional sized cigarette. Cigalikes also stay cool for longer periods of time and don’t produce excess spit or mucus like many other vapes. Because they have a smaller footprint than their counterparts, they are often preferred over the jumps.

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