Three Common Types of Vaporizers That Are Available to Buy

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Three Common Types of Vaporizers That Are Available to Buy

If you are an enthusiast and you love the idea of changing the flavor of your e-liquid every time you want to make a shift in the formula, Vaping Pod is just right for you. This is a new type of vaporizer that allows you to get the best e-liquid flavors every time you want to blend your favorite flavors. Not only will it allow you to have more flavors mixed into your vaporizer, you can also mix different fruit flavors. Read on to know more about it.

Innokin has created a great product that would really benefit people that love to experiment with different things. There are two kinds of Vaping Pod, the Adjustable Aromatic Pod (Apo) and the Adjustable Doser Pod (ADP). The Apo is basically a sleeve that you place inside your juicer or some kind of tank, which you then insert into your juicer. The main difference is that the Apo allows you to adjust the airflow depending on what your concentration is at any given time. The Dose allows you to adjust the temperature of your e-liquid which again would vary based on your concentration level.

These two types of vaporizers are designed differently from one another. The Innokin Aro electric juice maker is powered by an internal rechargeable battery. It has a stainless steel brush that comes in contact with the pulp to extract the juice. It also has a long cord with an automatic shut off system. In addition, the Aro has an auto shut off safety feature where if you forget to switch off the unit, it automatically shuts down. This makes it very easy to use and clean.

The Innokin Adjustable Doser Pod has a much smaller body than the Aro as well as no cord whatsoever. However, the adjustability feature allows you to choose between three different speeds which gives you a lot of choice when mixing your favorite juice blends. Plus the pod system allows you to replace batteries easily and quickly. Although it lacks the auto shut off safety feature of the Aro, it does have a longer cord.

The Mahboderm E-Cig Vaporizer is powered by a single triple-A battery. It takes replaceable coils and allows you to change them out as needed. There is a charging station that plugs in through your USB port. The main drawback of the Mahboderm is that it does not work well with larger or denser flavors. Also, it does take a longer than average amount of time to charge your battery.

The Vape Pod Replica Thermo Vaporizer is similar to the Thermos but has a stainless steel body and a rechargeable heating element. It has a patented, slow burn heat technology which helps to keep your beverages hot or cold for up to forty-five minutes. It is powered by one triple A battery, which takes approximately two hours to recharge. Like the Thermos, this device allows you to change out your coils, although it does not allow you to do so without changing out the batteries. The device also takes approximately two hours to charge, and it has a small cord.

The Vapor Shark Vaporizer produces a nice warm vapor, which is a nice alternative to the Vape Pod. This item takes approximately four to five hours to recharge. The device uses replaceable coils, although there are a few models that allow for simple changing out of the coils. This vaporizer is very similar to the Vape Pod and costs around seventy dollars.

One final example is the Vaporific Subcool Vaporizer. These vaporizers are unique because they do not use replaceable coils. They use a unique heating mechanism, which consists of heating elements which sit on top of your vaporizer base. The elements give off small explosions which force tiny clouds of vapor into your lungs. The calorific subcool vaporizer costs around sixty dollars and is probably one of the best stealth vapers available.

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