VOOPOO Cool Mint System

VOOPOO has really captured the attention of the mobile phone market with its cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge appeal. It has created a buzz amongst the youth, both male and female. This product is the VoLTE, or Voice over Internet Protocol. VOOPOO uses a low data rate and it can transfer voice and video call at unbelievable speed. It also has an inbuilt scheduler which keeps track of the user’s activities across multiple platforms. The best thing about VOOPOO is that it works well with I-Touches and it is compatible with most cell phones, including iPhone and Blackberry.


The VOOPOO Replacement Pod is a sleek, stylish and compact little device. You will love how easy to carry it is. The front cover has a clear plastic window where you can view the ports and the battery. The back side has two ports and a clear plastic window that allows you to view the working coils. The inside has a couple of clear e-liquid flavors, and there is also a door pouch.


One of the most unique features of VOOPOO is its patented mesh system. The system was developed by engineer Won-seok Yoon, based in Busan, South Korea. It works by allowing air to flow through the tiny holes located on the exterior of the VOOPOO pods. Each time a person exhales, the air flow is decreased by the mesh. On the other hand, when someone smokes it increases the air flow, thereby decreasing the consumption. This unique technology does not allow the user to over inhale; thus minimizing any potential dangers.

VOOPOO claims to be the world’s first product to combine the power of traditional atomizer design with electronic liquid filling. The unique e-liquid filling port is located at the bottom of each of the pods. You can easily refill the unit with your favorite e-liquid flavors, including strawberry, banana, lime, carrot, ice cream and more. By simply replacing the mouthpiece, you can turn your VOOPOO into a portable vaporizer, or portable humidor.

You can purchase a single unit for $50 or more, and many people find this cost quite reasonable. You will also receive an assortment of refillable pods, which give you a lot of flexibility as to what flavor you would like. In addition to being able to refill your unit, you can also replace individual pods with other flavors. For example, you could have one flavor for the entire day, then switch to vanilla for the evening.

Most VOOPOO devices utilize a standard type of modulating device that is known as a “dry cell” battery. By heating the water in the chamber, the temperature of the liquid inside the unit rises to the boiling point. By pulling the plug on the top of the unit, the heating coils inside the pod pull the liquid up through the wick, heating the air in the chamber. This action pulls the vapor up into the vaporizer, where it is distributed throughout the room by airflow.

The VOOPOO “dry cell” technology allows for a variety of different sized coils, depending upon how much vapor you would like to produce, as well as the type of device you are using. For example, the smallest of the VOOPOO units utilizes a standard 0.3-ohm coil, while the larger models use a 0.7-ohm coil. The larger coils allow the user to cover a larger area of their desired area with the same device, thus increasing overall efficiency.

The majority of the devices have a button on the bottom of the unit, which activates the heating element and heats the water until the user has the unit heated through the entire heating mechanism. Once the heating element has reached a certain temperature, the heating coils inside the unit push the moisture through the wick and into the vaporizer. The user then pushes the firing button, and the device begins releasing mist into the air.

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