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VOOPOO does not need to use too many words to introduce it. Although its products are very popular, they are all high-quality products and are popular in the whole circle. Especially the DRAG (second suction) mainframe is impeccable in workmanship, performance, and cost-effectiveness. After the DRAG (second suction) dual-electric mainframe, VOOPOO has released a dual-electric mainframe. The voopoo drag kit is also VOOPOO’s first high-end model. This is the beginning of VOOPOO’s entry into the high-end market.

voopoo drag kit  is kept in a relatively modest volume of 89.55425MM. Alpha’s three buttons are of unconventional size and shape, but a square one-piece hidden large-size button with more obvious lines and corners.

The stepped top is still a slightly protruding stainless steel 510 interface, although there will be a slight gap, but it can prevent the atomizer from directly rubbing against the body, and the width of the body is 25MM, there is no edging process to make it fit The atomizer of 25MM or 24MM no longer leaks.

The material of the battery compartment cover is different from that of the fuselage. The fuselage is made of zinc alloy die-casting. The battery compartment cover is made of aluminum alloy sandblasted and multi-color anodized. The cover can bring better heat dissipation to the battery.

Cross pressure relief vents have increased throughput compared to traditional round holes, and are more coordinated in appearance and shape.

The side-sliding opening and closing method combined with the design of the upper grid, it seems that there are more “things” on hand. The inside of the battery compartment cover is affixed with an insulating film to prevent the broken battery from contacting the battery compartment cover, and the electrodes are still gold-plated.

The GENE chip has demonstrated its strength on DRAG incisively and vividly, and Alpha One continues to use this chip as the core of the host, and there is no difference in operation. The link prompts the new/old atomizer selection, the voltage (V) mode, the chip automatically matches the output size due to the resistance value of the linked atomizer, and so on. The advantages are all inherited.

The chip of the voopoo drag kit is the familiar GENE FAN enthusiast-level customized motherboard. The power of this chip has been understood on the DRAG. The GENE FAN of the voopoo drag kit has increased from the highest power of 157W to the highest power of 222W on the DRAG. , And a new LOVE mode is added to replace the SUPER mode, retaining the original operation mode, DIY curve, mechanical voltage regulation mode and other functions. It does not have cool features such as color screen and touch control. The e-cigarette is just an e-cigarette. It still maintains a practical style and combines the entire design theme of this Alpha. It is high-end and elegant, and low-key luxury has connotations.

In the performance of the power mode, the GENE chip still maintains the characteristics of rapid explosion. It supports the lowest resistance value of 0.05 ohm, and the highest output setting of 222W allows users to get a wider use space under the premise of power conservation. In addition to the rich functions of the temperature control mode, computer software platform customization, and taste curve adjustment in the host, in the current e-cigarette gameplay, the voopoo drag kit  can all be satisfied in one machine.

When your LOVE mode is in the ON state, use the power mode to adjust the power to between 160W and 222W, it will automatically switch to LOVE mode, why is it called LOVE mode, because it is indeed LOVE is a care mode, usually high power In addition, the ignition effect brought by the low resistance is quite violent. When you ignite and take a deep breath, you will be impacted by intense smoke. When you enter the LOVE mode, it will not directly present such a large power like a conventional chip. Here you are, but first down the frequency and then gradually restore to the power you set through the curve up frequency, to avoid the discomfort caused by the impact when using high power. Of course, if you say you like this kind of impact, you can also choose to OFF this mode, let it directly show you the effect of the set power.

The operation mode is simple, the switching mode is convenient, with a lock, it is born for fever. The most important thing is definitely the affirmation of this chip. GENE.FAN222W military-grade customized chip, 0.025 second instant peak output, 0.025 second instant peak output, the same second suction characteristic, it is so willful, explosive power, stability, strong duration, LOVE pulse, smoke texture, superior texture, configuration, operation, output, experience and many other factors, voopoo drag kit will become the new favorite of high-end machines.

This voopoo drag kit  created by VOOPOO, the first impression when the editor takes the hand is that the texture is super strong, and the modern and simple design match, it gives people the feeling that they are not seeing a enchanting and sexy beauty, but a temperament OL beauty. Kind of small suit and short skirt with black silk. The super texture is refreshing. It gives the editor the feeling of Taikoo Hui, while the previous DRAG is the feeling of Beijing Road. In terms of car, it is Lexus and Reiz. The corners and corners, the square shape, and the four corners that are not edged, will feel tricky when grasping, but there is a pleasure of touching a cactus. Some people like it and others hate it. It is this clear design. Let the voopoo drag kit be in harmony no matter where it is placed in the corner or with anything.

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