What is the quality Vape?

According to some surveys, e-cigarettes are mainly bought to get away from tobacco cigarettes. It is all the more important that the “right” starter kit is bought at the beginning. But what makes a good e-cigarette?

But before we start …

should first think about the previous smoking behavior:

  • How many cigarettes do I smoke a day?
  • What strength?
  • When do you smoke (in the car, at work, etc.)
  • How much money am I willing to invest?

For example, if only 2-3 cigarettes were smoked a day, an e-cigarette with a smaller battery and tank / depot / pod is probably sufficient. A nicotine strength of 6 or 12 mg should be sufficient here.

If you travel a lot in the car and don’t always have the opportunity to charge your battery, you should switch to an electronic cigarette with a larger battery (or replaceable battery). However, most models can also be charged via USB and most automobiles have a USB port.

If you want to vape “cheaply”, an e-cigarette with a refillable tank should be preferred. Ready liquid or even mixed liquid juice can be filled in here. This variant is usually cheaper than pre-filled pods or depots. Pre-filled depots and pods are again very easy to use.

In our tests and comparisons, we present the best e-cigarettes in each category.

Properties of a good e-cigarette

  • It has to be handy
  • Easy to use
  • Tank / coils have to produce good taste
  • Battery life must be reasonable
  • No leakage
  • Price-performance ratio

E-cigarette starter set

But not only an electric cigarette itself is needed to celebrate a successful entry into the world of vaping. There are also some accessories. A starter set is an attractive option to have all the important utensils available right from the start. This makes the change easier because everything that is needed can be found in the starter kit. The following accessories can usually be found in a starter set:

  • charger
  • Depots or replacement evaporators (coils)
  • Tank
  • battery pack
  • operation manual

Which shop should you choose?

But where can or should I buy my first e-cigarette? There are now a large number of specialist shops (vape shops, tobacco liquid shops, kiosks, etc.) and online shops. In normal tobacco shops you can occasionally find electrical versions, but the staff is seldom able to offer professional advice. You can usually expect good advice from e-cigarette retailers. Buying on the Internet offers the advantage of having a look at the reviews of many other customers, which can be of great help for further orientation. At the same time, the individual available products are described in detail, which is a great advantage, especially for beginners. The larger range also makes buying on the World Wide Web so attractive, provided that an e cigarette comparison was made in advance who showed the appropriate variants. Many online shops also offer various voucher codes.

Effects on health

But what about the health side that has received so much attention in the public debate? In fact, vaping offers a health benefit compared to classic smoking. This can primarily be traced back to the fact that many carcinogenic substances that are contained in the classic cigarette (through burning tobacco) can be dispensed with. The negative effects on the lungs are therefore far less than would be possible with classic smoking.

In the meantime, there are also a number of independent studies that examine the health consequences of vaping.

Why an electric cigarette?

But why is vaping recommended at all? Many smokers are unable to quit nicotine overnight. In this case, the electronic cigarette marks a healthier alternative. A study by Dr. Hajek from Kings College London has shown that e-cigarettes can be twice as effective in quitting smoking as other methods such as nicotine replacement therapy.

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