What is Vape and what are its classifications

The vape is mainly composed of an atomizer, a power compartment, and a battery. The vape does not need to be burned. Most of it is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. The current passes through the atomizer to atomize the E-Liquid in the atomizer, which simulates the smoke produced during smoking. It is traditional to add flavors to add fragrance. The best substitute for cigarettes. In recent years, China’s vape industry has continued to be hot, the number of vape patent applications has grown rapidly, and the vape market has continued to grow. The “2016 vape industry investment prospects and investment strategy recommendations report” shows that during the period 2012-2016, China’s vape market has grown from 350 million yuan to 3.2 billion yuan. Although the Chinese vape market is growing rapidly, the overall penetration rate of Chinese vape is still very low. At present, the Chinese vape market only accounts for about 5% of the global market. China is the world’s largest vape exporter. More than 95% of the world’s vape products or their accessories are produced in China, 90% of which are exported overseas, mainly including the United States, Britain, Poland, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany and other countries. The domestic market consumes only 5 %.  Investment analysts pointed out that in recent years, a large part of the rapid growth of the domestic vape market is due to the strengthening of overseas market supervision and the difficulty of exporting. Many domestic manufacturers have begun to explore the domestic market. In addition, since China became a party to the “Framework Convention on Tobacco Control” in 2006, it has begun to formulate relevant tobacco control measures. Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other cities have legislated tobacco control, and the intensity and scope of tobacco control are still being further expanded. Driven by policies, the domestic vape consumer market will continue to maintain rapid growth in the future. Behind vape is indeed a huge market. It is reported that in 2016, vape sales were about 10 billion U.S. dollars. In 2017, the global vape consumers were about 35 million. The penetration rate in the United States was 13%, and the domestic market was only 1%. Although there is a huge vape market hidden in the country, it is not that a single brand can get a share of the pie. The vape field has strict requirements in both technical production and brand promotion, and it needs to rely on “true skills” to gain a foothold. In terms of food-grade materials, ssso is the only domestic company that can pass US FDA standards and EU FPD certification. E-Liquid is produced in Silicon Valley, California, USA, which is safe and healthy. Its excellent chemical stability makes it more reliable to use. At the level of use, ssso is resistant to sculpting and is made of aviation aluminum alloy material. The air switch can be opened when inhaling; the micron ceramic atomizing core, the honeycomb diameter is only 0.001mm to fully atomize every drop of E-Liquid; intelligent constant temperature Control chip, keep away from high temperature and harmful combustion; 320mAh polymer lithium battery, one full charge, easy to last a whole day. There is no vape in the world that can avoid oil leakage 100%, and ssso is infinitely close to zero oil leakage. How did Ssso become a niche product among domestic vape? A: ◎It is made of aviation aluminum alloy material, compact body, smart and portable; ◎Zero button design, air switch, open when inhaling, simplifying; ◎The top compartment is made of special technology, which improves oil absorption performance compared to cotton 50%, condensate, all sucked away; atomization cavity, triple reinforcement, silicone seal to prevent leakage, no vape in the world can avoid 100% oil leakage, and ssso is infinitely close to zero oil leakage. ◎U.S. FDA and EU TPD dual certification, through Chinese and foreign technology, E-Liquid is produced in California Silicon Valley, and jointly developed with the authoritative E-Liquid organization; ◎Global exclusive salt-alkali salt patent technology, exclusive nicotine salt formula, highly reducing real smoke The throat hitting feeling brings almost real smoke taste experience; ◎The new micron ceramic atomizing core, the honeycomb diameter is only 0.001mm, the improved process greatly improves the oil guiding efficiency, fully atomizing every drop of E-Liquid, and enjoying the smoothness Delicate taste; ◎Intelligent constant temperature control chip, low temperature atomization, far away from high temperature and harmful combustion; ◎Equipped with two high-efficiency charging mod of stable direct charging with data cable, base magnetic absorption vertical fast charging; ◎320mAh polymer lithium battery, intelligent indicator light, Once full, it can last a whole day easily; ◎Multiple tastes match smokers of different levels. Among them, the classic tobacco flavor is selected from Virginia tobacco. It has a pure taste, rich flavor, and strong throat feel, suitable for heavy smokers; freezing mint flavor, condensed with high-concentration mint leaf extract, the taste is cool and refreshing, and the throat feel is moderate. Suitable for moderate smokers; ice lemon soda taste, sweet and sour with a hint of fragrance, refreshing carbonic acid taste, slightly weaker throat hit, suitable for mild smokers. ◎Three-color selection, red, passion ignites the charm, and becomes the focus of the crowd; black, mysterious and perseverance, accumulates strength, and achieves a soul that has overcome difficulties; silver, free and easy, free and easy to find ijoy vape the most charming self. Now it is said that vape is more harmful than real smoke. Why is ssso trustworthy? A: The original intention of most people to buy vape is to replace cigarettes and reduce the harm of tar to the body. No tar is produced, which is one of the biggest advantages of vape compared to cigarettes. However, if the quality of E-Liquid is not properly controlled, vape will not only lose the advantage of harm reduction, but may even cause more harm. Let us first look at the construction principle of vape. The current vape is basically composed of two parts, one is an electronic atomizer, which mainly has temperature control and atomization functions; the other is E-Liquid, which is a liquid that produces smoke. The electronic atomizer and E-Liquid are just like guns and bullets. In a pure sense, vape is only a carrier. The health of vape depends on E-Liquid. So, is E-Liquid harmful to humans? This is related to the composition of E-Liquid. The standard E-Liquid ingredients are propylene glycol, glycerin, flavor and nicotine. We take SSSO E-Liquid as an example to analyze the ingredients one by one: Food grade propylene glycol, E-Liquid more than 90% of the ingredients are composed of propylene glycol, mainly used as the solvent in E-Liquid. Food grade propylene glycol is commonly used in raw noodles, dumpling wrappers and pastries in the food industry. Vegetable glycerin, an all-natural liquid, is usually extracted from plants such as soybeans, coconuts and palms, and is mainly used for the smoke produced by vape. Vegetable glycerin is also a widely used raw material in daily life, and is often used as an ingredient in sweets such as cakes and biscuits. Natural plant flavors, unlike most synthetic flavors used by E-Liquid, SSSO E-Liquid uses natural plant flavors. Although the fragrance is not as good as synthetic flavors, the taste is more refreshing and natural, and at the same time healthier. Nicotine salt, compared to nicotine (nicotine), nicotine salt is a more neutral substance, which can not only meet the needs of smokers to relieve addiction, but also reduce irritation, and has less impact on the human body. So in terms of ingredients, except for nicotine salt (which is addictive like nicotine), the other ingredients in SSSO E-Liquid are harmless. Moreover, SSSO has an ice lemonade flavor E-Liquid with 0 nicotine salt content (follow-up flavors will be launched one after another), almost all ingredients are not harmful to the human body. In addition, even for E-Liquid containing nicotine salt, the hazard of nicotine salt itself is much less than that of traditional nicotine, and the content is not very high. At the same time, E-Liquid will not produce any other cigarette burning after atomization. Harmful substances, so vape is very less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Here comes the problem! Since we know through analysis that vape is much less harmful than cigarettes, where does the saying “vape is more harmful than cigarettes” come from? This is  thunderhead creations the focus of the answer-the quality of E-Liquid. At present, although there are many domestic vape brands, the national standard for “vape” has not yet been issued, so to a certain extent, there is a mixed market and low-quality E-Liquid. Due to the lack of judicial supervision and control, many E-Liquid’s raw materials, production environment and production process hygiene are very poor. In order to maximize cost reduction, some manufacturers do not hesitate to use some industrial raw materials to make E-Liquid. If you want to use one word to describe it, then “waste oil” couldn’t be more appropriate. Taking the recent CCTV 315 as an example, what has been exposed is mainly the harm caused by the industry’s inferior E-Liquid. But for countries that have put vape under supervision, E-Liquid’s composition, production environment, and production process have strict regulations. Japan regulates vape according to drugs, the United Kingdom is managed by PHE (Ministry of Public Health), the United States is the largest vape consumer market, and the regulatory agency is FDA (Food and Drug Administration). SSSO E-Liquid is produced in Silicon Valley, California, which means that all SSSO E-Liquid products are imported from the United States and passed the US FDA inspection and certification, so that every bite of the user is safe. Generally speaking, the better quality E-Liquid has a mellow taste. And those E-Liquid that tastes too strong or too weak, be careful when using it. When choosing a vape brand, users should also consider E-Liquid quality factors more. If the poor quality E-Liquid causes harm to the body, the gain is not worth the loss. Finally, can vape reduce harm? Yes timesvape, the premise is good quality E-Liquid.

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