Wotofo Single Serve Coffee Maker – A Review of Wotofo’s Single Serve Makers


Wotofo is a leader in the international sport of fly fishing. They have been innovating their designs for over twenty five years and one of their latest innovations is the wotofo profile rda. This line of products has been created with anglers in mind and it features all of the best features you could ask for in a fly reel.

Wotofo utilizes a patented double honeycomb construction that provides superior resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and impact. They have also improved the dripping method by which you hook your fly. The patented dripping method of Wotofo allows you to place the weight of the fly directly onto the tapered mesh body of the reel. This allows the weight of your fish to evenly distribute itself across the entire spool reducing drag and therefore extending the life of the unit. Another great feature of Wotofo’s rda is that it comes with an automatic tension control and an automatic bail arm.

I decided to try out their Squonkable line of Wotofo products so I could see what they were like. As far as the Squonkable is concerned, I find that it really adds a lot to the experience of fly fishing. When I am using my Wotofo, I have to sit a little closer to the rig to be able to feel it in the water but that is not a problem. When I am using the Squonkable it makes the entire experience of holding onto the fish so much more enjoyable. I have to admit I am a bit of a nitpicker so I will have to give high marks to Wotofo for the ability to customize the wire crimps in their Squonkable line.

If you go to Wotofo’s website you can sign up for multiple items, add a photo to a monogrammed woof bag, or even get your name embroidered on. They have also set up a number of ways in which you can pre-order these things. You can either go through their website or directly to a store near you. In addition to the pre-order options offered by Wotofo, they also offer direct to customer sales. There are also a number of different locations around the country where you can find Wotofo products.

I decided to see what the difference was between the pre-order options offered by Wotofo as well as the direct to customer sales. The pre-orders offered by Wotofo were pretty standard, including two tanks of juice well capacity and one tank of flexibility honeycomb style. My biggest purchase though was the flexibility honeycomb style tanks. I could never find anything like them anywhere else. These tanks hold enormous amounts of honey without being cumbersome to use. This is perfect if you want a high volume of honey production.

When I went into Wotofo’s store to look at the lineup of juice tanks, I was shocked to see that they had two of my favorite tanks, the Wotofo Pro SS dual coil build deck in stainless steel and the Wotofo Profile PS dual mesh. While the Wotofo Profile PS dual mesh is built on the same principles used in the Wotofo Profile SS dual coil, Wotofo did something a little different with the tanks. Rather than putting a large stainless steel tank inside the counter space of the store, they put two small tanks on the very outer edge. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable the tanks were.

On the other hand, I did feel a little let down with Wotofo’s stock of drip tips. Although the Wotofo Pro SS dual coil build deck includes an insulated interior with a rubber seal the rest of the deck seems to be made out of cheap tubing and the coils are plastic. I’m not sure why Wotofo decided to use plastic coils, it takes away from the Wotofo brand image of quality, but it is a minor gripe.

So overall, Wotofo does provide a great product at a reasonable price. The only thing I would like to see changed is the Wotofo Smrt P NP kit. I don’t think the company has room for improvement. They currently offer the best value and quality when it comes to value packed single serve coffee makers. If you are in the market for a single serve coffee maker, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

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